Life Redemption Mission

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Welcome to our Life Redemption Mission website! We praise God who gives the wonderful opportunity to publish our ministries activities and proclaim the Gospel through this website. Go through it and get the blessings of God.

In order to have revival in India and churches, to meet children, adults, women through this mission we are working hard. This mission is now working in Sattur, Aruppukottai, Trishuli, Narikkudi, Kamuthi and Tutocorin. And other states in India: in Odissa, Madhyapradesh, Andrapradesh, Stheskar and Maharastra. We do spread gospel among children and college students in 56 villages. we have 26 full time and 70 part time workers.

We have more than five full time workers and many part time workers doing God's work in different villages. And we conduct many spiritual meetings in different places and visiting more than 50 villages once in a week. So still we needs supporters who is willing to pray and support to this ministry.

- Bro.Maheshwaran

Life Redemption Mission (LRM) established in 2002 at Virudhunagar with the commitment to glorify The Lord and Savior by doing social and religious work among poor people in village to uplift their life. We educate and teach them to live a life with moral values by different outreach programs like tuition centers, community development programs, eye camps, health camps etc.

  • Children's Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Tribal Ministry
  • VBS (Vocation Bible School) Ministry
  • Exam Prayers
  • Christmas Gospel Outreach
  • Gospel Outreach
Our missionaries staying in rural villages and visit the people. They have evangelized, baptized, and discipled many unreached areas. LRM is far more than just a church-planting ministry. It is a holistic indigenous missionary movement. LRM gives various support to the village people's for their upliftment.

Responding to Christ's call, the Social Concerns Ministry of LRM reaches out to those in need by sharing our corporal and spiritual gifts; we welcome, serve and support our organization and the greater community.

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