The Good News Among Tribals:

                 Our Ministry is reaching people who live without the comforts of Electricity,

Education, Transport and Housing facilities. They survive by hunting and

consuming forest foods, living in tents and huts. We are preaching the Gospel

to them while supporting them with some material help and practical

counseling. We are also teaching basic literature to those children who do

not have the privilege of being educated. The Lord has also provided us open

doors for us.

Tamil Nadu:

                   This ministry is happening in places like Alahammaal Puram,

Kokkaththaan Paarai in Madurai district of Tamil Nadu in India. Thaalaithuur,

Yaanaik kasam and Karaththup patti in the district of Theni. Malli Puthuur,

Aththi Koil and Sarva Pannai in the district of Virudhunagar.

The Lord has raised many testimonies. Our brothers Wilson, Anthony, and John

have been ministering in these places. Please pray for them to continue

following the Lord, accept Him wholeheartedly and come up in life.

North India:

                   For now, some brothers have been reaching out to places like Chandigarh,

Haryana and Madhya Pradesh in the north of India. In some villages, people have

been coming together in worshipping the Lord. Our brothers have been sharing

the love of God in places where other Lord's servants haven't reached yet.

Opposition to the Gospel is seen in a few places. Our brothers have been

communicating to these places with the help of cycles and walking as there is

a lack of transport facilities. Please pray for those saved that they may be

witnesses in Hindu families.

Madhya Pradesh:

                    Bro.Jeevanand, Bro.Donghiri, Bro.Ruk Chander, Bro.Maasrey, Bro.Sar Sakthi,

Bro.Agilesh, Bro.Pinki and Bro.Kuloraam have been ministering in Thirnaapur,

Kivi, Kanraa, Nandhoraa, Naaridholaa and Dhenaakaav of Valakat district in

Madhya Pradesh.


                  Bro.Rokith, Bro.Dongaari, Bro.Suresh Mashi, Bro.Silu, Bro.Sothi Simaa and

Bro.Pumaaraav have been ministering in Saalai Kaavi, Paatta Kaai, Sikkaarith

Tholaa, Parmaai Kaasa, Delkaath, Paamuth Delaa and Siley in Raasnaa Kaav in



               Bro.Mahimain Raja and Bro.Kadambarajan have been ministering in Pallap Kat,

Saruththaa, Saipur, Asavatti, Puga, Padeypur, Sithri, Sunvet, Navatha, Noor,

Val and Arththak Nagar in Paripaath district in Haryana.

                 Please pray for the needs of these ministries, our brothers and the believers

of those places. Please contact us if you are interested in supporting

materially or serving either part or full time.

The videos related to these ministries are posted below. Watch, Pray and

Participate. May God bless with more harvest. God's name be glorified!


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