About Us

Life Redemption Mission is a non-denominational Christian ministry that takes the Gospel and God's Word to remote places not ordinarily experiencing missionary activity or Bible Teaching. The goal is to evangelize and train indigenous people for their own ministries, then periodically provide encouragement, support and additional training using readily translatable Bible-institute-quality training materials - while also moving on to other areas in response to the Great Commission.

Life Redemption Mission (LRM) was involved in the missionary work in different villages. LRM was established in the year 2002 with the objective of: “Therefore go make disciples of all nations,…” The ministry aims to venture deep into the forests and villages of India, preaching the good news, and to reach the unreached. It started functioning as an autonomous body and is presently sending missionaries across all over India to proclaim the Good News to people who are yet to hear about the love of Jesus. The people who live in the remote villages and are yet to be brought to light, have now began to see the light through LRM.

Purpose of Ministry:

In order to have revival in India and churches, to meet children, adults, women through this mission we are working hard. This mission is now working in Sattur, Aruppukottai, Trishuli, Narikkudi, Kamuthi and Tutocorin. We do spread gospel among children and college students in 56 villages. we have 7 fultime and 35 part time workers.

Head Quarters 

The headquarters of LRM is at Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu.

LRM is called to proclaim the love and Good news of Christ to all persons, develop passion for serving the fellow beings. We pledge our lives to Christ and to demonstrate His love through worship, witnessing, and ministry to the needs of the people of the church and community and to bring them to Light” based on Luke 8:1

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